• Ulvered 108
  • Ulvered
  • 70 kvm
  • 5 rum & kök
  • 19 900 000 kr / bud
  • Ulvered
  • 70 kvm
  • 19 900 000 kr / bud

A forest property with excellent development prospects and a strategic location.

This well-maintained property surrounded by the beauty of nature is located only 30 minutes från Halmstad and the E6, and has a total area of 146 hectares of land, most of which consists of forest with excellent growth. The property is currently being used as a resturant and conference venue, and the business also has a deer enclosure and an abattoir. The many buildings that can accommodate a large number of overnight guests enable you to run this property as a hotel. A second option for this property is to create an exclusive private home where you can invite friends who relish a hunt. The farm-like arrangement of the builidings in a natural setting, together with the many ponds, make this a very special property.

Abundant possibilities in a natural setting

Currently, part of the current business operated on this property is localized to a spacious restaurant building, constructed in 2010, having an area of about 140 m2. It seats seating 100 guests in lovely surrounding with large glass window and doors that let you contemplate the beauty of nature while enjoying your meal. The building can also accommodate up to 50 conference guests. The solid oak floors, fireplace and a spacious bar make this building a venue that everyone will enjoy. Next to the open dining area, there is a modern restaurant kitchen and a shop that sells venison and other game meat. Here, too, there are large windows that front on the deer enclosure, which has an area ofs about 25 hectares and provides the guests with a rare nature experience. The main entrance of the building is located in the courtyard, which is bordered by the other buildings of the property.

In addition to the restaurant, the buildings around the courtyard consist of a modern abattoir, an older residential building and a separate pub. The abattoir is fully tiled and has the capacity to process 5,000 animals per year. Next to it, there are two large refrigerated rooms, as well as a shower and and bathroom for personnel and guests. This is where the high-quality game meat is produced that will be sold in the farm shop and to a large number of restaurants in the area. This has made Ulvereds Hjorthägn into a small-scale game meat wholesaler with an excellent reputation.

The residential building, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, offers areas to socialize and entertain with a cosy fireplace on the ground floor, and three bedrooms, one storey up, each of which sleeps two persons. This building is worth being made more attractive, and can be used as a permanent residence for a family who enjoys living in a quiet, secluded area, or would like to operated some kind of business in this location.

Adjacent to the approach to the farm, there is a beautiful stone building that contains a charming pub that seats 20 guests. On the top floor, there is a small sleeping loft, which can be reached by an outer stairway at one end of the house. This loft can accommodate four persons as overnight guests, and this serves as a fine complement to the residential building for long-distance visitors and or conference guests who want to spend the night here. The same stairway leads to a separate conference room with glass windows that overlook the deer enclosure and present a view of natural tranquility. A bit up thehillthere are two small cottages that are currently being used as overnight accommodations, and each one sleeps two to three persons. The large glass windows that front on the deer enclosure and fenced-in patios allow you to experience animals and nature really up close.

The farm, itself, has an elevated location, surrounded by hilly, older cultivated land, and enjoys a view of the forested and non-forested land, as well as the ponds. The area consists of 103 hectares of forests, according to the current forestry plan, with a standing volume of 16,600 m³ of growing stock, and an average productivity of 8.3 m³ of growing stock. The property consists mainly of spruce forest with an emphasis on thinning stands surrounded by swamps and bogs. About 25 % of the forested areas is younger thatn 10 years. The av skogsmarksarealen är under 10 år. The land here also has a good many elks, wild boars and deer. In addition the deer in the enclosure attract fallow deer and red deer to the area, and the many ponds have crayfish. For more information about the forest and the current forestry plan, plean contact the broker handling this property.

In addition to forestry, a farm shops and a restaurant with conference business, this property also has various types of tourist and visitor-related business, in which both businesses and tourists are given a full experience of animals, nature and game food, in enchanted surroundings. Examples of these related businesses, include dinners, Christmas buffets, making meals together, walks through the terrain and hunting-related meetings of various types. These activities have a great deal of development potential in cooking, conferences, hotel business, retreats and nature tourism.

In summary, this is an entirely unique property with great potential to develop both the business and the residence into something beyont our expectations.

Out in the country, but close to everything

The property is located at the edge of Laholm municipality, and is close to the E6. Eeven though you are living out in the country, everything is convenient here. The commercial centres in Laholm and Halmstad, with their shops, services, colleges and outdoor life are only 30 minutes from here, by car. Also only 30 minutes away by car is the longest sandy beach in Sweden, stretching from Hemmeslöv in the south to Mellbystrand in the north. Halmstad Airport offers direct flights to Stockholm, whilst the property’s proximity to the E6 and good railway service mean that the rest of Sweden, and the world, do not feel that distant, at all. In just over an hour, you’re in Gothenburg, and the Öresundstågen trains, going south, will take you to Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in just two hours.

Full description
  • Address:
    Ulvered 108,
    312 92 Laholm
  • Price:
    19 900 000 kr
  • Prop.designation:
    ULVERED 1:9
  • Cropland:
    5 Ha
  • Forest impediment:
    42 Ha
  • Forest:
    91 Ha
  • Plot area:
    170 Kvm
  • Living area:
    70 Kvm
  • Restaurang:
    140 Kvm
  • Gästhus:
    30 Kvm
  • Shop:
    40 Kvm
  • Other:
    140 Kvm
  • No of rooms:
    5 rum & kök
  • No of bedrooms:
    3 till 4
  • Buildingyear:
    1909, 2010
  • Buildingyear comment:
    Löpande underhåll
  • Building type:
    1,5 planshus med gårdsbildning & restaurangverksamhet
  • Municipality:
  • District:
  • Facade:
  • Roof:
  • Metalwork:
    Lackerad plåt
  • Framework:
  • Loft Floor:
  • Foundation:
    Platta på mark
  • Chimney:
  • Chimneypot:
  • Windows:
    2-glas och 3-glas
  • Ventilation:
    Mekanisk ventilation i restaurang & slakteri. Självdrag i övriga byggnader.
  • Tv- och Internet:
    Fiber framdraget men inte anslutet.
  • Heating:
    Bergvärmepump (2010) & direktverkande el
  • Municipal water:
    Djupborrad brunn (85 meter) & enskilt avlopp från 2010 (dimensionerat för större verksamhet/bostad)
  • Form of ownership:
    Friköpt - Gård
  • Taxworth
  • Total:
    6 831 000 kr
  • Building:
    195 000 kr
  • Ground :
    150 000 kr
  • Farm:
    210 000 kr
  • Forest:
    6 045 000 kr
  • Forest impediment:
    130 000 kr
  • Year:
  • Code:
  • Operating Costs
  • Electricity:
    8 355 kr/month
  • Water/Swever:
    1 417 kr/month
  • Cleaning:
    2 141 kr/month
  • Insurance:
    5 388 kr/month
  • Total:
    17 300 kr/month
  • Comment:
    Enligt säljarens uppgifter. Kostnaden för el innefattar även kostnaden för uppvärmning. Samtliga kostnader omfattar hela fastigheten och samtliga delar i dagens verksamhet. Säljaren erhåller årligen drygt 30 000 kr från Skatteverket som återbetalning av energiskatt inom jordbruksverksamhet. Kostnaderna är angiva exklusive moms.
  • Servitudes
  • Type:
    Gemensamhetsanläggning LAHOLM ULVERED GA:1
    Samfällighet LAHOLM ULVERED S:1
    Samfällighet LAHOLM ULVERED S:2
  • Mortgages
  • Total:
    7 870 000 kr
  • Distributed on:
    3 mortgages
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